Vans Vivienne Westwood x Slip-On ‘Anglomania’ VN0A4BV3V9I


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Product Description:
The Vans Vivienne Westwood x Slip-On ‘Anglomania’ VN0A4BV3V9I is the ultimate fusion of iconic skate style and high fashion. Created through a collaboration between two legendary brands, Vans and Vivienne Westwood, these slip-on shoes showcase a unique blend of streetwear and couture aesthetics.

1. Exquisite Design: The Vans Vivienne Westwood x Slip-On ‘Anglomania’ VN0A4BV3V9I features the signature Orb logo, along with Westwood’s distinctive squiggle print, creating a captivating and instantly recognizable look.

2. Premium Material: Crafted from high-quality canvas, these slip-on shoes provide durability and comfort, making them perfect for everyday wear. The canvas upper is adorned with Vivienne Westwood’s iconic graphics, adding a touch of luxury to your wardrobe.

3. Slip-On Convenience: Designed for ease and convenience, these slip-on shoes allow you to effortlessly slide them on and off, ensuring hassle-free wear. The elastic side accents provide a secure fit and additional comfort.

4. Versatile Style: The Vans Vivienne Westwood x Slip-On ‘Anglomania’ VN0A4BV3V9I effortlessly combines skate-inspired style with a high-fashion twist. These shoes are versatile enough to pair with any outfit, whether it’s a casual jeans and t-shirt combo or a more elevated ensemble.

– Brand: Vans x Vivienne Westwood
– Collaboration: Vans x Vivienne Westwood ‘Anglomania’
– Style: Slip-On
– Model Number: VN0A4BV3V9I
– Upper Material: Canvas
– Graphics: Signature Orb logo and Westwood’s squiggle print
– Elastic side accents for easy wear
– Sole: Rubber
– Gender: Unisex
– Available Sizes: Men’s and women’s sizes
– Colorway: Unique combination of colors, inspired by Westwood’s visionary designs

Indulge in the perfect blend of streetwear and high fashion with the Vans Vivienne Westwood x Slip-On ‘Anglomania’ VN0A4BV3V9I. Get ready to turn heads and make a bold fashion statement with these iconic shoes that bring together the best of both worlds.


US M6.5 / W8 = UK5.5 = EU38.5, US M7.5 / W9 = UK6.5 = EU40, US M8 / W9.5 = UK7 = EU40.5, US M8.5 / W10 = UK7.5 = EU41, US M9 / W10.5 = UK8 = EU42, US M9.5 / W11 = UK8.5 = EU42.5, US M10 / W11.5 = UK9 = EU43, US M10.5 / W12 = UK9.5 = EU44, US M7 / W8.5 = UK6 = EU39


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